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Meet Magento CZ 2016 - Koongo experience


Over 200 people, 18 speakers and 20+ sponsors met in Prague, Czech Republic at the end of March for Meet Magento CZ. Meet Magento is a series of international conferences devoted to Magento, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. It gathers business owners, merchants, developers and many others who are interested in Magento platform. Since the Koongo’s Connector for Magento 2 is currently under development Koongo team was not supposed to miss the event.

The conference was organized by Neklo Company and offered high-level quality 2-day program. The first day was dedicated to lectures, all of them were related to newly released Magento 2. One of the morning session speaker of was Ben Marks, well-known Magento evangelist who gave us an insight into Magento 2.

Afternoon lectures were split into two stages. Stage A was aimed to developers, lectures were related to development modules specific to Magento 2, multi-channel customer support, Magento 2 SEO, etc. On Stage B the content was focused more on business oriented audience – B2B Industry, Magento on Azure, Email Marketing trends in 2016.

Real business networking started later after the lectures at Neklo's after party. Business people shared their stories, Magento developers discussed technical nuances. The atmosphere was really friendly, no surprise the party finished long after midnight.

Meet Magento conference was a great opportunity to network with developers and business owners. Koongo developers gained up-to-date information from Magento 2 area. Some of them were already used in Connector for Magento 2 development which is currently in its final state. Connector release is planned in Q2 2016, however beta testing will start soon. Detailed information will be announced soon on Koongo's blog and Facebook.


Posted by Jiří Zahrádka on Apr 23, 2016 in News

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