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MailParser.io - extract data from e-mails

Today we are opening a new blog category Behind the Scenes where we are going to introduce you the tools and services we use to manage Koongo's every day agenda more effectively. And we start with pretty cool tool MailParser.io which extracts data from your emails (including PDF attachments and more!) and pushes it to the tools like Salesforce, Google Apps, Mailchimp, Facebook, Dropbox, Wordpress or Magento and tens of other tools and services.

About MailParser.io

MailParser.io is a side project by Zapier, the ultimate automation tool which integrates more than 400 tools and services through the means of API. And of course, both tools work as the best in conjunction. The main features of MailParser are as follows:

  • Convert e-mails into structured data
  • Your own custom email parser
  • Pull data from file attachments
  • Move your data to where it belongs
  • Fully automate your business processes

How Koongo uses MailParser.io

Koongo has a partner agreement with Prestashop and every week we get the list of leads (i.e. users) from Prestashop in the form of CSV attachment in e-mail. So we use MailParser.io in a tandem with Zapier to push those new users to our e-mail list at Mailchimp and from there we send regular newsletters and follow-up emails to Koongo users.

Posted by admin on Apr 18, 2016 in Behind the Scene

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