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Koongo Service now available also for Magento users!


We are thrilled we announce today the availability of Koongo Service also for Magento users! So far, Service has been available only to SEOshop, Shopify, CCVshop, CS.cart and Prestashop but not to Magento users as for Magento-based retailers we have been offering only the stand-alone extension for Magento, called Koongo Connector for Magento. Hence, since today on we offer two solutions for Magento-based merchants - Connector and Service. Let's briefly review the differencies between those two solutions so you can decide which solution suits you best.

In a nutshell, Service comes up with the same features as Connector as well as with the same supported feeds and channels. However, Service has the big advantage of automatic integration with selected channels through the means of API and provides feed/channel performance tracking. With Connector you set up all the settings within your Mageno backend but with Service you need use Koongo interface.

Connector is provided under perpetual license with one-time payment while Connector is available in the form on monthly subscription. In Connector, the Support and Updates period is limited by the package you choose but with Service you get unlimited support.


With Connector you get access to all 500+ supported price comparison websites, product aggregators and selling channels across 50+ worldwide. Connector is a stand-alone extension for Magento and requires you to install and set it up onto your Magento instance. Hence, we have designed 3 packages bundled with additional services, such as installation, feed/channel setup or extended support period.

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of frontend stores within one Magento installation
  • Unlimited number of feeds/channels within assigned Country collections


With Service you may benefit from advanced features such as tracking of feed/channels performance or fully automatic integration with selected channels through the means of API, in addition to all the features of Connector. We have designed 2 subscription plans differing in the number of feeds/channels you may setup and the number of products you may publish.

  • Tracking of feed/channels performance
  • API integrations with Amazon, Bol an eBay
  • Access to all 500+ supported feeds/channels


Although Koongo has different pricing policy for each supported e-commerce platform note that all our services and products come always with 30 DAYS TRIAL for FREE. See Licence conditions for Connector or Terms and Conditions for ServiceConnector price starts at 145 Euro one-time and Service at 19.95 Euro monthly. See Pricing page for details.

Posted by admin on May 15, 2015 in Platform Updates

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