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HostingXS.nl - the ultimate Magento webhosting


Today we announce a new partner from the segment of webhosting providers - HostingXS, the Dutch experts in Magento hosting. As Koongo serves 3000+ Magento-based users in Netherlands we believe HostingXS might be of special interest for all our users.

HostingXS provides hosting services for Magento with the fastest shop warranty with Mageboost. Mageboost is an optimized cloud server for Magento webshops. The servers are fully tuned using by caching techniques and database optimization. In combination with the smart Mageboost extension your Magento shop will have a page loading time of <50ms.

The Mageboost extension makes it possible to cache all pages of your store in the memory of the server, even before your customer visits your store. This technique is called full page caching (FPC).

Mageboost provided by HostingXS is the ultimate acceleration for Magento.

Posted by admin on Feb 20, 2015 in Partners

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