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Automatic integration with Amazon through API. Hell Yeah!


Today, another milestone has been reached - since now, Koongo supports fully automatic integration with Amazon through the means of API on both sides. That means Magento, SEOshop, Biedmeer, Shopify and CS.cart users can publish and sell products on Amazon within couple of clicks!

Koongo supports Sell on Amazon and Amazon Product Ads for ALL country-specific Amazon marketplaces, including Price, Quantity and Inventory Loaders.

How it works?

  • Install Koongo App for your e-commerce platform.
  • Set up a channel for Amazon within Koongo interface.
  • Map Amazon categories and optionally filter products or adjust product attributes.
  • Sign up for Amazon Merchant Account and get Amazon API key.
  • Enter Amazon API key in channel detail in Koongo interface.
  • Publish your products on Amazon in one click.
  • If you change any product attribute in the backoffice of your e-commerce platform, Koongo registers this change and pushes all the changes to Amazon automatically.

Do you want learn more about integration with Amazon?

Posted by Jiří Zahrádka on Jan 19, 2015 in Integrations, Features

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