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Announcing partnership with Schepnet


Today we announce a partnership with Schepnet, Koongo strategic partner in the area of online marketing.

About Schepnet

Schepnet is an online marketing agency that provides sustainable online solutions. The services we provide are web services, e-commerce and online marketing. This is often reflected in (mobile) websites, campaigns and all aspects of webshops and marketing thereof. We specialize in developing customized online solutions with a focus on the comfort of the user. It is not just about creating and developing great content, a strong strategy and good marketing; it is the combination of it. Our experience is extensive; whether your goal is to inform, to activate or to convert, we create effective strategies and marketing efforts. A personal and flexible approach characterizes our work process, for which we are appreciated for more than 15 years.

Posted by admin on Nov 25, 2014 in Partners

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