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Twenga become Koongo Partner! Limited offer!


We are thrilled we can announce our partnership with Twenga - the shopping search engine that allows millions of consumers worldwide to find what they want at the best price with the online retailer of their choice.

Thanks to our partnership we bring you limited exclusive offer!

Limited offer

  • Free subscription to Twenga merchant programme: no config fees, no commitment period.
  • 20% CPC discount during 60 days to test out Twenga.
  • Discout code valid until December 31th 2014: KOONGO20
  • Code valid for any new subscription on Twenga, to be inserted during your Twenga subscription process.

About Twenga

Twenga's aim is simple: provide you will qualified traffic, no matter which industry you specialize in. List your shop in just a few clicks and receive new customers immediately!

  • More than 1.5 million visitors per month in the UK
  • Loyal users: more than 40% of our users return to Twenga 2 to 5 times per month

Why sell your products on Twenga?

  • Sell more: Capture more qualified buyers.
  • Manage your budget:  Only pay for the clicks you receive on your website (view tariffs). It is free to subscribe and configure your account. It’s risk-free!
  • Track your activity: Benefit from a high-performing traffic tracking interface.
  • Control your visibility: Increase traffic for selected products, whenever youwant.

What services are included?

  • Automatic indexing of your products on Twenga with Koongo.
  • A back-office containing tools to better manage your activity and sales.
  • Sales tracking from Twenga: make the most of optimized traffic focused on your high-potential products.
  • Technical and commercial support.
  • More than 15,000 merchants in Europe have already joined Twenga Ready to Sell.

Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2014 in Partners, Integrations, Channel Updates

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