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Google Shopping Update


Since Google Shopping has recently announced an update of its product data file (i.e. feed layout) we took adequate steps and updated Google Shopping feed in our Koongo database. Although your current set up Google channels remain working without any problems, we encourage you update your Google channels to stay ahead of your competitors since Google ranks the sellers with more accurate and up-to-date product data feed higher and thus you have higher chance to attract the attention of new customers!

Starting September 30, Google will start enforcing the updated feed specification globally, but merchants can submit the new feeds immediately.

Changes in Google Shopping in detail

All the new feed attributes are optional, so as long as you don’t find these new fields useful, there is no need to add them. All the new attributes offer additional possibilities for merchants to describe their products and thus allows the merchants to gain a competitive advantage, as was mentioned above.

availability_date (!)

  • Description: If you are accepting orders for products that are available for preorder, use this attribute to indicate when the product becomes available for delivery.
  • Depreciated value: ‘available for order’
  • Make sure you update availability_date attribute, as this value will no longer be in use.


  • Description: Use this attribute to indicate the cut of your item.
  • Static values: Regular, Petite, Plus, Big and Tall, Maternity


  • Description: Use this attribute to indicate the country’s sizing system in which you are submitting your item.
  • Static values: US, UK, EU, DE, FR, JP, CN, IT, BR, MEX, AU


  • Description: You can use this attribute to provide links to mobile-optimized versions of the landing pages for your products. Providing a mobile-optimized link separate from the URL you provide in the ‘link’ attribute allows for an improved user experience.


  • Description: Merchant-defined bundles are custom groupings of different products defined by a merchant and sold together for a single price.
  • Values: TRUE, FALSE


  • NEW values available: Newborn, Infant, Toddler

How to update Google Shopping feeds?

SEOshop, Biedmeer and Shopify users

If you are user of SEOshop, Biedmeer or Shopify with installed Koongo App, you just need to adjust Attribute Mapping in your Google Shopping channel detail since we already implemented all the changes in Google feed.

Magento users

If you are user of Magento simply navigate to your backend > Koongo > Export Profiles and click the button Update Feeds and Taxonomies. You are entitled to download the latest feeds and taxonomies only of your Support and Updates period is valid. If not, the system will show a notice and encourage you to extend your Support and Updates period.

Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2014 in Channel Updates

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