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Blue Winston - Google AdWords made easy


We are pleased we can announce our new Industry partner Blue Winston. Blue Winston sets your Google AdWords campaigns and manages them for all products in your Magento store. Koongo supports Blue Winston out of the box, see bellow.

About Blue Winston

We are Blue Winston and we love making your AdWords campaigns more efficient. Actually, it is not only us. It is Blue Winston, the professional Artificial Intelligence for Google AdWords, who does that.

Connect once

Connect only once and you can create and use your campaigns forever. Your product list updates everytime a change occurs on your website. That means, you will never advertise for products you have sold out, and every new product will be automatically added among others. No unnecessary money spent on AdWords.


Unique Ads for every product

We create unique ads for every product from your website. It means that every single product will have its own ad with information about its size, price, or stock availability. Also, the ad will lead your customer directly to the site with product. No unnecessary clicks for your customer.


Artificial Intelligence

Blue Winston works on your campaign performance 24/7. He sets cost per click for every single product separately, and turns your products on and off due to their performance. He analyzes this data continuously and improves it to achieve better performance.


Koongo supports Blue Winston!

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Posted by admin on Apr 28, 2014 in Integrations

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