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Wyomind Feed Manager VS Koongo Connector


Due to not so long time ago published Comparison of product feed modules for Magento we have recently received several questions what's the difference between Wyomind Feed Manager and Koongo Connector and why users should use Koongo instead of Wyomind.

Thus, we have performed the comparison of both performance and user experience of both solutions using the same data set. In addition, we bring you independent experience of a real user who has decided to switch to Koongo from Wyomind.

Benchmark Data Set and Details

  • 93.000 products in catalog (16.000 configurable and 77.000 simple)
  • Magento CE
  • Koongo Connector
  • Wyomind Feed Manager 7.1.0
  • Memory Limit 512MB
  • Koongo - 10.000 products in one batch
  • Wyomind 1.500 products in one batch (higher values resulted in total fail of the export process)

Various filtering criteria have been applied in order to limit the number products for export, as follows in the table below:


Export Time VS Number of Products

From the plot you can see that Koongo out-performs Wyomind since the very biginning, although the performance difference for up to 2.000 products and less is negligible. On the other hand, since the export of 5.000 products and more Koongo is a clear winner.


Memory Consumption VS Number of Products

With regard to the memory consumption, Koongo Connector has been designed to keep the memory consuption "constant" regardless the number of products, allowing you to export huge catalogs without big impact on your store performance or availability. Indeed, Koongo Connector has been tested with more than 1 million pf products!

On contrary, in the case of Wyomind solution you can see continuos increase in memory consumption, following the number of products exported. Thus, we can just speculate on the amount of memory needed to export 1 million of products.


User Experience

We used the Wyomind connector for Google shopping. One of the main advantages of Koongo is it supports a lot of other sites too. So more value for money.

It is also very easy to map attributes, it has a better interface then Wyomind for that. We use Koongo in shops with a lot of products and it creates the feeds faster with less server load.

Another advantage of the Koongo connector is you can filter on products. In Wyomind you can only filter on categories you want to include or exclude. With Koongo you can filter for only the products you want to use in the feed.

Jelle Troost, Mage-Company.nl


  • Wyomind has good performance for 2.000 products in catalog and less. Koongo Connector is capable of exporting even 1 million of products.
  • Wyomind does not come with predefined templates. Koongo supports more than 500 product aggregators, selling channels and affiliate networks world-wide.
  • Wyomind user interface is poor and difficult to orientate in. With Koongo Connector you can create export profile within 5 clicks.
  • Koongo Connector has advanced product filtering possibilities.
  • In Wyomind, taxonomies (i.e. category mapping) are very limited and difficult to use.

Posted by Jiří Zahrádka on Mar 28, 2014 in Features

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