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Partner program

Since the interest in Magento is high and we simply do not have enough capacities to solve all the demands, we decided to offer to our potential partners to provide their services via our portal in a special section dedicated to such a cooperation. Moreover we provide this for free! On the other hand, we believe that a lot of Magento users will find there an appropriate partner for solving certain problems.

The purpose of partner programme is to find the possibilities and limits for cooperation between NoStress Commerce (Provider) and potential partners, and to define the benefits of cooperation for both parties. Here is the part of Partner Program Contract. Please see the full version here:

If you are interested in our offer and would like to become our partners, or if you have any questions concerning our Partner Program, do not hesitate to contact us!

The form of cooperation

1. The seller of a Provider's module for Magento

a)The Provider is the owner and developer of own modules for Magento. The list of modules, the Partner is allowed to offer to his clients, is available for the Partner in the special part of webpage of the Provider (thereafter in Application) where the access is provided to the Partner after signing this Contract. This list is the same for all the Partners and does not have to be necessarily the same as the list of modules for public on webpage of the Provider. The Partner then offers those modules to his clients according to following defined conditions, as well as he provides the installation and support for his clients.

b) Commission for the Partner coming from sell of one single module is calculated according to the overall prize of all the modules sold by him. The commission valid for given solar month is determined automatically based on the price of modules sold in previous month in following way:

c) The Partner has access to all the modules and their updates in Application. The modules can be offered to Partner's clients. Partner is also allowed to download the modules and their updates for his clients. In the same Application, there are then Licence keys for modules to be generated.

d) In Application, the client can follow the statistics of his sales, and reading from this Application will be then a base for calculation of services provided to Partner by Provider. Accounting is then done regularly in one-month intervals and the invoice is issued at the end of given month. Maturity is within five days from the issue.

e) Each module contains The End-user licensing agreement which is not separable from the module and it is downloadable on Provider's webpage.

f) Prices are provided on Provider's webpage and they are not including VAT. Prices are binding for all the Partners. Provider commits himself not to change the prices randomly; change of the module prices must be notified to Partners at least 30 days in advance to all the Partners. Partner must not provide the module to customers for a prize lower than those of module excluding the commission for Partner that means that the Partners can compete among each other in limits given by the amount of money covering their profits.

g) Partner is allowed to offer the modules according to his marketing plan. In his presentation of a module then can, but does not have to include the information about the Provider of a module. Partner must not provide the module via Magento Connect. The Provider is the only exclusive party offering a module via Magento Connect.

2. Development and implementation of design for Magento

Provider will mention in partner section of his webpage that Partner is able to carry out the works connected to design for Magento.

3. Hosting for Magento

Provider will mention in partner section of his webpage that Partner provides hosting services for Magento.

4. Consultation and support for Magento

Provider will mention in partner section of his webpage that Partner provides consultation and support by means of e-shop Magento.

5. Programming for Magento

Provider will mention in partner section of his webpage that Partner is able to make programme changes within Magento, modify its functionality or create the individual customization according the demands of his clients.

6. SEO for Magento

Provider will mention in partner section of his webpage that Partner provides SEO services and services connected to such an activity for Magento.

On Provider's webpage are then, for all Partners, available the sections where their services are presented to all the guests (potential customers for a Partner) on Provider's webpage. Provider postulates the right to choose the order in list of Partners and the right to change according his own deliberation.

Each Partner is obliged to deliver following information to the Provider within 2 weeks since signing the Contract:

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