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For the Magento platform, Koongo offers two possible solutions - Connector for Magento and Koongo Service. From a functionality point of view, both solutions are almost identical. Both solutions are compatible with all Magento 1.x versions and support order synchronization for selected online marketplaces. The main difference is the Magento integration and the pricing policy.

Koongo Solutions Comparison

Connector for Magento
Koongo Connector for Magento is a license-based Magento module which is fully integrated into your Magento store. Product data feeds are processed directly in your Magento backend. The Connector license cost is €159.00. A license can be activated for a specific Magento server ID and it has lifetime validity

  • Magento In-house solution
  • One-time license payment
  • Unlimited storeviews
  • Unlimited products
  • 1 Country Feed Collection
  • Order sync - Bol.com, Beslist.nl, Miinto
  • Marketplace API - Bol.com, Beslist.nl

  • 30-day Free trial
Starts €159.00
Excluding VAT
Koongo Service
Koongo Service is a subscription-based external service. The API integration enables you to import your product data into Koongo account where you can optimize or modify your product data feeds. Koongo service starts at €19 per month. The dynamic subscription allows you to pay only for the service you use. One of the advantages of the Koongo Service is that it supports more marketplace API connections than the Connector for Magento - e.g. Cdiscount.com, Wish.com, Marktplaats.nl, 2dehands.be, 2ememains.be or eBay.
  • External service
  • Monthly payment
  • Storeview limit - based on a plan
  • Product limit - based on a plan
  • Channel limit - based on a plan
  • Order sync - Amazon, Bol.com, Beslist.nl, Miinto
  • Marketplace API - Amazon, Bol.com, Beslist.nl, Cdiscount, Wish, eBay, Marktplaats.nl, 2dehands.be
  • 30-day Free trial
Starts €19.00
Excluding VAT
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