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  • Blue Winston - Google AdWords made easy


    We are pleased we can announce our new Industry partner Blue Winston. Blue Winston sets your Google AdWords campaigns and manages them for all products in your Magento store. Koongo supports Blue Winston out of the box, see bellow.

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  • Wyomind Feed Manager VS Koongo Connector


    Due to not so long time ago published Comparison of product feed modules for Magento we have recently received several questions what's the difference between Wyomind Feed Manager and Koongo Connector and why users should use Koongo instead of Wyomind.

    Thus, we have performed the comparison of both performance and user experience of both solutions using the same data set. In addition, we bring you independent experience of a real user who has decided to switch to Koongo from Wyomind.

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  • Daisycon became Koongo Partner!


    We are glad we can announce today our new Industry Partner - Dutch affiliate network Daisycon. Daisycon recommends now Koongo as a tool for integration of Magento stores with their affiliate network.

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  • Regional Business Managers wanted!


    NoStress Commerce, the European e-commerce agency is looking to embrace experienced Regional Business Manager for our spin-off project Koongo. Koongo is a rapidly growing Feed Marketing Tool that allows seamless integration of e-commerce stores with more than 500 product aggregators, selling channels and affiliate networks from more than 50 countries world-wide. Regional Business Manager will contribute to the further expansion of the business and partnership network.

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  • Koongo Connector is here!


    Koongo Connector is here! This latest release reflects numerous feature requests received from the Koongo user community and empowers store owners to operate efective Feed Marketing campaings more easily and efficiently on more than 500 product seach and price comparison channels world-wide.

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  • Meet Koongo at WebWinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht


    Since Dutch region is one of the most important for us, Koongo team has decided to take a part in Dutch e-commerce fair called WebWinkel Vakdagen taking place in Utrech from January 22th to 23th. If you want to meet us there just shoot us a message! We are looking forward very much to see you all in Utrecht.

    Update on February 10th 2014

    Webwinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht was a great success for Koongo. Our platform was very well accepted and it was exciting to meet Koongo users personaly. We have met many prospective partners and we are looking forward very much for year 2014. Many cool things are just behind the corner!

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  • Comparison of product feeds modules for Magento


    I guess it is not suprising that we believe Koongo is the best way how to present your products in various product search and price comparison websites. Or at least this is one of the goals we pursue. However, to be 100% honest with you, Koongo is not the only available solution you may choose from. And because we keep an eye on our competitors, here we bring you the comparison of Koongo with other similar services.

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  • New Support & User Reviews


    Koongo strives to provide as fast and high-quality user support as possible. As a Koongo user, you must be sure of where to ask for advice or report a issue you may face to when using any of Koongo services. To achieve these goals, Koongo comes basically with two support channels - Documentation and Support Desk. The later was recently revamped, see below.

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  • Koongo now accepts Bitcoins!


    Have you ever heard about the new currency called Bitcoin? Well, if not and you want to learn more about it, then just watch Bitcoin explainer video or visit Bitcoin.org. And here is nice introduction from Timothy B. Lee at Washington Post.

    Here in Koongo headquarters we like to experiment with new interesting emerging technologies and that's the reason why we decided in cooperation with BitPay to introduce Bitcoin payment network as one of the possible payment methods for Koongo servises. Let's see if we get soon some Bitcoins! :-)

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  • New search box on Koongo homepage


    Based on the feedback from our cutomers we have realized that although Koongo supports more than 500 product seach and price comparison world-wide, it may be a bit difficult to figure out if a given feed is supported. Thus, today we present the new search box on Koongo Homepage. Let us know what do you think about it :-).

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