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Shoplo is an e-commerce platform that helps you to build your site and it also allows you to find out where to sell your products online. If you use Koongo, you can connect your Shoplo store to many online platforms therefore you increase your opportunities to sell.

How does Shoplo work?

You can create an efficient online store using Shoplo. You can also find many marketplaces where you can sell your products. Then Koongo transfers the order information directly into your store.

After you fulfill an order in your store, Koongo sends a specific order tracking number to your platform account. Koongo also synchronizes your inventory. As a result, Koongo allows you to prevent any stock issue and in this way you can offer a great customer experience.

The online marketplaces that are supported by Koongo

Koongo synchronizes orders for many online sales platforms such as eBay, Miinto, idealo, Amazon,, Wish, or

If you want to have some more details, please see the market integration manuals below:

9 Koongo benefits for Shoplo users

  1. Hundreds of sales channels. Sell your products directly from Shoplo. You can connect to over 500 websites to compare prices, sales platforms, affiliate channels.
  2. Process the orders in your store. Koongo transfers orders from the platform to your store and automatically synchronizes your inventory. This feature is available for platforms like Miinto, eBay, Amazon, Idealo, and
  3. Product data always up to date. The API integration updates your product data on Koongo immediately. It also exports the updated data to all connected channels. You can also use the API integration with platforms like Amazon,, eBay, or
  4. Select specific products for each platform. Advanced filter options help you select the right product group.
  5. Increase the popularity of your product using category mapping. Koongo category mapping helps to easily map the categories of your store. Therefore your product can be recognized online and, therefore, you can get more customers.
  6. Check the performance of your product. The integration of Koongo-Google Analytics is very important. It offers an accurate overview of product performance in order to help you to drive your sales. Only profitable products can be selected for each sales channel. In other words you avoid spending for losers.
  7. Enrich your product data. Extract a specific text from the product description and merge the product data. Easily adjust your product data with Koongo to meet all channel data requirements.
  8. Update product prices for each sales channel. Increase product prices to cover sales or shipping costs.
  9. Intuitive interface. Koongo offers an intuitive interface for creating and optimizing product data.

In conclusion, all these features allow your store to have the visibility it deserves and, as a result, to be successful in the market.

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