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  • Boost your Summer Sales with Twenga


    Summer season is about to start so don't miss the opportunity and get ready for summer sales with Twenga! The beginning of July is the launch of Summer Sales period in France, Spain and Italy. Here we bring you four simple tips to ensure your summer sales on Twenga period runs smoothly.

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  • The Essentials of Feed and Affiliate Marketing in eCommerce


    Feed and Affiliate Marketing is along with API-API integration the main feature of the year 2015. By the means of the Feed and Affiliate Marketing strategy you may significantly improve organic search results and increase the chances of acquiring new customers. In cooperation with SEOshop (Dutch hosted e-commerce platform) Koongo brings you a guide for Feed and Affiliate Marketing in Dutch and English languages:

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  • New Koongo Explainer Video

    Still not sure what Koongo is all about? Check out our new explainer video! The video was made by geeks from design and art studio Art4Web and their services we can only recommend.

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  • Support & Update period and new notifications

    In the last couple of weeks we were working on a new notification system in our system and today we have launched the last part of it - the notification for new and updated feeds and taxonomies.

    As you probably know, Koongo right now covers over 500 different product search and price comparison websites from 50 countries all over the world. The Feeds are splitted into Collections which are in turn associate to License keys. Basically we distinguish between two types of Collections - Country collections and Custom collections. Country collections contain all the feeds operating in the given coutry and this is the collection you have to define in order details of the Koongo connector. Custom collections are destined for specific needs of Koongo Industry partners.

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  • Announcing Koongo API

    The Koongo API (Application Programming Interface) allows third-party applications to interact with Koongo instance programmatically. This is the way the external applications communicate and exchange information with Koongo. The Koongo API is language-independent so it does not matter what programming language a developer uses, he/she can connect to Koongo through the API by making simple calls. These calls enable working with the number of Koongo features such as Feed collections, Feed layouts, Feed taxonomies and some more.

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  • Koongo University - feeds, channels and websites

    Here in Koongo we distinguish between several types of online marketplaces and platforms and we believe that the differences are of reasonable importance. Specifically, they differ from the point of view of the integreation possibilities with your e-commerce platform.

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