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  • Younify become Koongo Solution Partner!


    Today we announce a new partnership with Younify - The Ultimate Magento Specialists! If you run a Magento-based store in the Netherlands and you face some issue running your Magento store get in touch with them! You hardly find an agency with stronger dedication to Magento in the Netherlands.

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  • Marketing Totaal joins Koongo Partner Network


    Marketing Totaal is a Dutch e-commerce agency focuisng on SEO, Google Adwords, online and affiliate marketing, feed marketing and media analytics. Thus, we are glad we can announce our partnership since there is a perfect overlap between the areas of interest of Marketing Totaal and the features and tools that Koongo provides.

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  • Guapa Media become Koongo Solution Partner!


    Guapa Media is one of the biggest Dutch e-commerce agencies focusing on Magento-based solutions and believes in making e-commerce easier. That is why they offer Full Service E-commerce solutions. With their years of experience, no-nonsense approach and by being receptive to feedback from clients, they are able to exceed expectations.

    In the area of Online Marketing Guapa Media takes the advantage of more than 500 product search and price comparison websites, selling channels and affiliate networks supported by Koongo.

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  • MagentoSucces become Koongo partner!


    MagentoSucces: ensures that web-shops make the most of every opportunity!

    MagentoSucces is a website for new web-shop owners. This platform brings together a variety of web-shop owners, marketeers and Magento developers so that they can exchange knowledge and come up with new ideas. It is a rich source of information and inspiration for novice retailers. The blog articles and the free e-book “Magento Web-shop Success” present the most important topics: all aspects of web-shop marketing, dealing with customers and entrepreneurship. This is instructive and useful to all new web retailers, but the Magento retailer will truly appreciate the value of MagentoSucces.

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  • Daisycon became Koongo Partner!


    We are glad we can announce today our new Industry Partner - Dutch affiliate network Daisycon. Daisycon recommends now Koongo as a tool for integration of Magento stores with their affiliate network.

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  • Zanox became a Koongo Industry Partner!


    Zanox is the leading performance advertising network in Europe. Together with Zanox's partner companies, Affiliate Window, Eprofessional and M4N, Zanox supports more than 4,200 international advertisers in the effective marketing of products and services on the internet.

    What Zanox aims for:

    • To build successful relationships between advertisers and publishers.
    • To provide publishers and advertisers with the most reliable tools and services to support their online success on a performance basis.
    • Trust, network quality and transparency.

    We are glad we may announce the partnership between Zanox and Koongo! With Koongo, you can now easily connect your Magento e-commerce platform to Zanox advertising network, yeah!

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  • Announcing the partnership with AppShop!


    We are glad we can announce today the partnership with AppShop, the premium provider of Magento extensions.

    What AppShop guys do?

    We've created a home for the Best of Breed Magento Extensions. The
    AppShop sells a selection of superior solutions from Magento's top

    The AppShop is a new venture from WebSHopApps re-selling extensions from
    approved partners.

    WebShopApps is a Platinum Industry Partner with Magento and has grown to
    become the premier provider of shipping extensions around the world.

    We are now launching TheAppShop to give our customers a wider selection of
    quality extensions from other providers.

    Cut through the mass of extensions available today and see those that are
    most useful. Find out who WebShopApps trusts. We are teaming up with some
    of the best extension developers in the world for the launch.

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  • Devilfish - Solution partner for Danish market


    We are glad we can announce today a new partnership with Devilfish! Devilfish became our most important Solution partner for Danish market.

    The main focus of the guys from Devilfish is development and webdesign for Magento e-commerce. Beside of Magento, Devilfish has a lot of experiences with Wordpress, Typo3, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla and Drupal.

    Have a look at Danish Koongo webpresentatio!

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  • Announcing Koongo Solution Partner - Magdeveloper


    We are glad we can invite on board our new Solution partner, the Magdeveloper, based in Netherland. The main focus of Magdeveloper is product data synchronization between various providers. Magdeveloper provides fully automated data import services from world's leading suppliers for Magento webshops. Easily import, manage and synchronize all your suppliers' prices and stocks data in minutes via the easy to use Magento Live-Sync cloud platform. Try it out for FREE!

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  • Partner Program Revamped


    Here in Koongo headquarters we understand that building a strong network of various partners is crucial for the success of every project. We decided to divide possible partners in four categories, depending on the goals and capabilities of given partner.

    The list of Koongo Partners has just started to grow, so don´t miss the oppurtunity and become Koongo Partner!

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