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  • Amazon Integration Feeds by Koongo


    Koongo already supports two Amazon programs for product placement and today we have added another one requested by plenty of our clients. Let's summarize which integration possibilities Koongo offers for Amazon marketplaces.

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  • Koongo Connector is here!


    The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Koongo Connector version is here! Okay, it may not be THE moment you’ve been waiting for all your life, but it’s a pretty momentous occasion, nonetheless. This version is full of new cool and usefull features - check the list below!
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  • Go international and get cross-border sales


    Koongo makes it easy to sell internationally!

    Today we would like to stress the importance of cross-border selling and what Koongo can do for you in order to increase your international sales. In other words, how to generate international sales that you are not currently getting? The term  "cross-border order" means that the order is placed by shopper living in one country, while the package is shiped by the retailer from a different country.

    Presently, Koongo offers you many ways how to sell internationaly! Koongo is integrated with several global online marketplaces that span across the Europien, Asian, US and Australia markets. Let's investigate a bit the most important global marketplaces presently supported by Koongo.

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  • Increase your sales with Aukro auction hall


    Aukro.cz is the most famous and biggest Czech online auction and selling hall that covers today also the Slovak, Hungarian, Byelorussian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Kazakh, Russian and  Ukrainian e-commerce market and offers you an easy way how to reach the milions of new customers and buyers from the middle and east Europe. Moreover, Aukro belongs to the Allegro Group which focuses on e-commerce and online marketing in general and in turn belongs to Naspers, the truly global e-commerce player.

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  • Koongo Connector for Magento - version


    The new version of Koongo Connector for Magento has been released recently and we bring you the list of the changes implemented in this version. The major highlights of version are as follows:

    • automatic license key generation and validation
    • new product filtering options
    • category tree export
    • support for custom collections
    • the connector setup is now available in the main Magento navigation bar
    • the complete list of all changes you may find in our Bug Tracking system

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