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  • Sell on Allyouneed.com!


    Allyouneed.com is a shopping channel powered by DHL Convenient, it combines online shopping with the advantages of the classical retail trade.

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  • Advertise on Marktplaats Admarkt


    Marktplaats is the largest online marketplace for products and services in the Netherlands. It offers biddable advertisements for professional advertisers through the Admarkt platform. There are roughly 8.2 million visitors each month.

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  • Streamline your selling process with Coolshop Marketplace!


    Coolshop and Koongo are announcing the availability of the integration between these two environments to streamline the process of the product selling in the Coolshop Marketplace. Any of Koongo supported shopping platform is now possible to connect very easily to the Coolshop.com.

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  • BigCommerce users, welcome to Koongo!


    Today we announce the availability of our Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool also to BigCommerce users!

    Reasons why you should try Koongo!

    • Koongo offers more than 500 integration possibilities in 50 countries.
    • Koongo has an intuitive user interface, advertise your products within 2 minutes.
    • Koongo allows you to map attributes and categories with ease, also extensive filter options.
    • Koongo allows you to automate the data flow between your shop and these parties.

    Checkout Koongo App in BigCommerce App Store!

  • Bol.com and Amazon Apps for CCV Shop!


    We have just released two new apps for CCV Shop platform - app for Bol.com and Amazon you can find now in App Store in your CCV Shop backoffice in category Marketing once you log in. Those apps allow you to synchronize your product catalog with Bol.com and Amazon so you can increase sales and store revenues. To find out more see app details in your App Store.

  • Shoptrader users, join Koongo now!


    Today we are announcing availability of Koongo also to Shoptrader users. Connect your Shoptrader store to Koongo and get instant access to 500+ price comparison websites, affiliate networks and selling channels worldwide. Sign up for 30 days TRIAL version of Koongo and follow integration instructions under Stores → Add Store → Shoptrader.

  • Koongo App for CCV Shop


    We are glad we can announce today revamped integration of Koongo with CCV Shop (previously known as Biedmeer) e-commerce platform! Until today, the integration was provided through API keys but since now all CCV Shop users can seamlessly integrate their stores with Koongo using our new App for CCV Shop. The new app is available right in the App Store of you CCV Shop backoffice.

    Sign up for 30 days TRIAL free version of Koongo and follow integration instructions under Stores → Add Store → CCV Shop.

  • Marktplaats available to all Koongo users!


    Promote your products on Marktplaats.NL - with Koongo it is now as easy as never before! Both Koongo Connector and Koongo Service users have since today easy access to both Marktplaats and Admarkt channels. Koongo provides integration with Marktplaats for 30 Euro per month which is currently the best price available on the market. Our solution for Marktplaats and Admarkt is available to all Magento, Prestashop, SEOshop, CCV Shop, Shopify and CS.cart users! Sign up for 30 days trial version of Koongo today!

  • Prestashop users, welcome to Koongo!


    The family of supported e-commerce platforms grows every month and this time we have added support for Prestashop! To integrate Koongo with your Prestashop store you need to install an add-on in your store and then provide API key in Koongo user interface. And then, voilà, you get instant access to all 500+ supported affiliate networks, selling channels and price comparison websites! Integration with Prestashop is provided on the basis of Koongo Service and thus is available in the form of subscription plan. See Pricing page for details, subscribe for Koongo and follow instructions under Add Store.

  • Sell on eBay! Now it's as easy as it sounds.


    Koongo's integration with eBay is a continuation of our efforts to deliver additional values to our Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool. The integration is not yet fully automatic - once you subscribe yourself to an eBay Selling Program you need to upload product file generated by Koongo using eBay's File Exchanger. Currently Koongo support US, Dutch and German eBay marketplaces but we can add other easily - just leave a comment here. We don't charge any additional fees on top of your regular subscription plan for Koongo Service and the integration is also available for users of Koongo Connecor for Magento. For details see eBay landing page.

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