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  • Synchronize orders with your CCV Shop


    Synchronize orders with your CCV Shop! Order sync functionality is available for the online marketplaces listed below:

    Order synchronization enables merchants to sync their orders with their CCV Shop store. All products sold on any of those online marketplaces are updated in the CCV Shop continuously so that the number of items available in your store is always up-to-date. This ensures that merchants never advertise out-of-stock products and waste money on clicks that won’t convert. It also saves merchants time, since they no longer have to manually update their store when an item is sold on any of those channels. On top of that, merchants can check all order-data from Koongo.

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  • Google Product Ratings for Magento


    We’re thrilled to announce another amazing feature for Koongo users - Google Product Ratings feed. It allows to export the product reviews easily from the Magento store into Google Shopping.

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  • Sooqr became a Koongo Industry Partner!


    Sooqr is the fastest (as in instant) and most relevant site search for you e-commerce or content website.

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  • Announcing Pay as you go pricing policy


    Koongo as a Servise allows you now to subscribe to a pricing plan called Pay as you go, which is a replacement to the current Basic and Advanced plan. Although the upgrade of your current plan to Pay as you go is not mandatory we strongly encourage you to do it as this way you pay only for the resources you use.

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  • NEW! Channel performance tracking!


    Today we announce the availability of channel performace to all users of Koongo as a Servise! Koongo offers you now the possibility to track channel performance on both channel and product level so you can easily decide which channel works for you and which doesn't. Channel performance allows you optimize your ROI.

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  • Advertise your products on Facebook


    Have you ever heard of Facebook? Well, probably yes but chances are you haven't heard about product advertising on Facebook as that's the new feature announced a while ago. With Koongo you can integrate your Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, SEOshop, CCVshop or CS.cart with Facebook so you can easily offer your products to more than 1.4 billion users of Facebook. You can specificaly target the users based on country, age, interests etc. Koongo comes with 30 day TRIAL version for FREE so why don't give Facebook a try?

  • Automatic integration with Amazon through API. Hell Yeah!


    Today, another milestone has been reached - since now, Koongo supports fully automatic integration with Amazon through the means of API on both sides. That means Magento, SEOshop, Biedmeer, Shopify and CS.cart users can publish and sell products on Amazon within couple of clicks!

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  • Wyomind Feed Manager VS Koongo Connector


    Due to not so long time ago published Comparison of product feed modules for Magento we have recently received several questions what's the difference between Wyomind Feed Manager and Koongo Connector and why users should use Koongo instead of Wyomind.

    Thus, we have performed the comparison of both performance and user experience of both solutions using the same data set. In addition, we bring you independent experience of a real user who has decided to switch to Koongo from Wyomind.

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  • Koongo Connector Sneak Peek Preview


    Koongo Connector for Magento version is just about to be released and today we bring you the overview of the two most important improvements introduced in this version:

    • Advanced attribute filter
    • Advanced shipping cost export

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