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Business Cases

  • Review of Koongo by Less4Games.com

    Product feeds are a very important part of my business and I was looking for a product that was reliable. In the end you always have to wait and see, especially when support is needed. I have been using Koongo Connector for Magento for approximately 6 months now and its been a blast. Flawless running and the support keeps surprising me.

    The documentation is great but when you are in a jam or need something, due to my own mistake, they help you out. No matter what time (thursday night at 01:00 is a time when most sleep ) but not Koongo. They are reliable, friendly, thrustworthy and I wouldn't hesitate should I need another module or expand my current one. If you need specific connectors for product feeds they are the best bet.

    Koongo, thanks again for a great product and excellent support.

    A big thanks for very nice words goes to Michael Jaeger, owner of Less4Games.com. Here at Koongo we do our best do deliver a great experience to our users and we all here at Koongo like to hear that our users are satisifed with our product and related services in the are of Feed and Affiliate Marketing.

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  • Hundeladen.de – SEOshop + Koongo + Amazon


    "We installed Koongo App for our SEOshop store and set up Amazon channel – in the next three hours we got five orders! Awesome! ", says Michael Krueger, CEO of Floeckchenshundeladen.de store.

    In this success story we bring you an interview with Michael Krueger covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Michael explains why he uses Koongo to connect his SEOshop store to Amazon selling channel.

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  • Ergowerken.nl - SEOshop and Koongo


    "We have absolutely noticed an increase in the number of orders since we installed and set up Koongo App for our SEOshop store.", says Tim Broere, the owner of Ergowerken.nl.

    In this success story we bring you an interview with Tim Broere covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Tim explains why he uses SEOshop and Koongo and where he sees the most important advantages of the kombo SEOshop + Koongo.

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