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EasyWebshop - Koongo integration!


We are glad to announce a new Koongo shopping platform integration. All EasyWebshop users can seamlessly integrate with more than 500 online marketplaces, price comparison websites and affiliate networks supported by Koongo!

About EasyWebshop

With EasyWebshop, starting your online shop is easier than you think.
EasyWebshop provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to create a
website, upload products and receive payments, without inconveniences.

But why should you choose the EasyWebshop platform?

1. Features

Although user friendliness is their top priority, EasyWebshop provides
powerful features that don't limit you when your business grows. Ask
the virtual assistant whatever you need, and be amazed!

2. Service

At EasyWebshop, they take customer support seriously. They aim at response
times within 20 minutes during business hours.

3. Best price

For a price as low as €14,95 per month, you can start a professional
online shop. A domain name, SSL certificate, email and hosting are
included. EasyWebshop has no hidden fees, no transaction costs and no other
unpleasant surprises.

Posted by Pavel Zahrádka on Jun 12, 2017 in Platform Updates

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