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Comparison of product feeds modules for Magento


I guess it is not suprising that we believe Koongo is the best way how to present your products in various product search and price comparison websites. Or at least this is one of the goals we pursue. However, to be 100% honest with you, Koongo is not the only available solution you may choose from. And because we keep an eye on our competitors, here we bring you the comparison of Koongo with other similar services.

Although we have tried to be as much objective as possible, please note that this survey was carried out by a member of Koongo team. The information were collected based on information available on provider's website, in product documentation, product screenshots and user reviews, however without the real personal experiene with given solution. The main aspects we were considering when preparing the comparison were such as follows:

  • Ease, complexity and intuitivity of use.
  • Availability of predefined feed templates.
  • Availability, quality and usefullness of documentation.
  • Number of user reviews.
  • Updates and scope of support.
  • Pricing policy.

Thus, why Koongo?

Bearing in mind these qualifiers, Koongo provides you:

Koongo Competitors

And now few words about Koongo competitors. Basicaly we can devide then into 2 groups:

  1. Module providers with one-time payment. Here Koongo belongs.
  2. Servise providers with repeating monthly payments.

Naturaly, every approach has own pros and cons and only you as a real user may decide which approach is better for you according to your needs. The majority of Koongo competitors provide their feed solutions as one of many other products/modules. On contrary, Koongo  focuses all energy only to one product.

GoMage Feed Pro

  • Feature-rich, flexible and well accepted module.
  • Only 15 predefined feed templates. In addition, available only for relatively high extra fee.
  • Setting up a feed template requires couple of hours. However, good documentation may help.

Amasty Product Feed

  • Feature-rich module. However, only with few user reviews.
  • Only 7 predefined feed templates.
  • Setting up a feed seems to be a bit complicated and documentation provided in the form of screenshots with comments in PDF is not user friendly.

Wyomind Data Feed

Update: Check out comparison of Wyomind with Koongo!

  • Feature-rich module, tens of positive user reviews.
  • Without predefined feed templates, although 19 templates described in documentation.
  • Manual set up of feed templates takes a lot of time. Documentation is detailed but a bit difficult to use.

Xtento Product Feed

  • The implemented XSL transformation mechanism may be very powerfull but difficult to set up for end-user. Koongo uses the same mechanism, but in an user-friendly manner on the background.
  • No predefined feed templates. Xtento offers to users template preparation for a relatively high fee.
  • Comprehensive online documentation. However, only few user reviews.

Channel Unity

  • Provided as a servise with monthly payment and with commission for every transaction.
  • Only limited number of supported marketplaces, however deep integration with Amazon, eBay and Rakuten.
  • Probably the best solution for product placement on Amazon and eBay, better then Koongo in its current version. Anyway, suitable mainly for big e-commerce players. See Koongo integration possibilities for Amazon.

Channel Pilot

  • Provided as a service with focus on German market only. Expensive.
  • Support for about 140 German product feeds.
  • Mainly for e-commerce and marketing agencies.

Data Feed Watch

  • Provided as a service with monthly payments. Expensive.
  • About 200 feed templates provided in the form of packages, according to the chosen service plan.
  • No demo available. Trial on request makes testing difficult. No documentation.
  • Anyway, Koongo recognizes that Data Feed Watch may represent an interesting competitor.

Posted by admin on Dec 12, 2013 in News

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