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Koongo strives to provide as fast and high-quality user support as possible. As a Koongo user, you must be sure of where to ask for advice or report a issue you may face to when using any of Koongo services. To achieve these goals, Koongo comes basically with two support channels - Documentation and Support Desk. The later was recently revamped, see below.


Online documentation is always up-to-date for the whole Koongo project. This is the place where you can get the fastest support when experiencing some issues:

Support Desk

With effect from December 1st 2013, all support requests must be send as Authorized Support Requests, using Support Desk here:

Updated Servise Level Agreement (SLA) is an integral part of changes introduced to Koongo support system today. For details please see:

User Reviews

So far we have received tens of very positive user reviews that might perhaps document that Koongo truly strives to provide great user support. Here are some examples:

After many frustrating attempts with other feed generation software, I am relieved to have found Koongo. It has just the right number of features, very good support, and a positive, helpful company behind it I have actually enjoyed talking to. Michael Bower

Had a problem with connector setup but the problem was solved the same day! Nasco Lam

The Koongo team were there every step of the way. Very fast service and it works now like charm! Thank you for the help and going beyond. A+. Isabella

Great customer service by the way. Jonas Robertsson

Get €30 credit for your feedback!

We would like to encourge you here to write your own user review or provide any feedback! As a reward for your effort we offer you €30 credit for all Koongo services. If interested, here you go:

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