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Announcing Koongo API

The Koongo API (Application Programming Interface) allows third-party applications to interact with Koongo instance programmatically. This is the way the external applications communicate and exchange information with Koongo. The Koongo API is language-independent so it does not matter what programming language a developer uses, he/she can connect to Koongo through the API by making simple calls. These calls enable working with the number of Koongo features such as Feed collections, Feed layouts, Feed taxonomies and some more.

Since Koongo was born in January 2013, only a few e-commerce platforms are presently supported. We look for skilled and motivated developers who will help us continuously improve and extend Koongo services in global e-commerce world and who will develop Koongo Connectors for other e-commerce platforms. The short list of possible ways how to cooperate you may find in section Open positions of Koongo Docs.

Koongo Documentation

As usually, more and updated information you may find in Koongo Docs:

Posted by Jiří Zahrádka on Feb 14, 2013 in University

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